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Our foodbank relies on your goodwill and support.

A huge thank you to all those who have donated food recently.  In the last few weeks, demand has increased as a result of the pandemic.  We therefore continue to need donations of all non-perishable food items (except Cereal, Baked Beans, Pasta and Tea), as well as toiletries.  Donations can be left outside our office in Blatchford Road, Monday to Friday 9am to 4 pm.  Thank you so much for continuing to support us.

Please ensure that food donated is in date, as we are unable to distribute food that is out of date.  Please note we do not accept donations of Infant Formula.

Over 90% of the food distributed by foodbanks in The Trussell Trust network is donated by the public – that’s why your food donations are absolutely vital to our ability to give everyone referred to us a balanced and nutritious three day supply of food.

Please see the table below for our food collection point locations:

Location of food donation point     Opening hours Comments
Tesco Extra, Wickhurst Ln
Broadbridge Heath
West Sussex
RH12 3YU

24 hours

(1000-1600 Sunday)

behind the tills

food purchases from the store only

Tesco Metro, 18 London Rd, Pulborough RH20 1AS

0700-2200 Mon-Sat

1000-1600 Sunday

behind the tills

food purchases from the store only

Waitrose, Albion Way, Horsham, Rh12 1AJ

0800-1900 Mon-Sat

1000-1600 Sunday

behind the tills

food purchases from the store only

Horsham Matters, Micah House, Blatchford Road, Horsham RH13 5QR 0930-1600 Mon to Sat

In the front office.

Please label your bags with your name and contact details so that we can thank you properly.

We always welcome donations and use them to provide help to people in crisis. Occasionally we send food to other foodbanks to support their work particularly if they experience shortages. This ensures your donations go to help people wherever they the UK.

Please contact us if you have any questions about donating food.

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